• Publicado em 02/09/2015 às 02:34 PM

    ECRISLA logo

  • Digital Certificates available

    Publicado em 11/03/2016 às 11:52 PM

    Access the site and follow the instructions (only portuguese)

  • End of ECRISLA 2015: Module 2 was amazing

    Publicado em 19/12/2015 às 05:52 PM

    Thanks all Professors and Participants of ECRISLA-2015 for your attention and motivation!
    Soon the evaluation form will be available as well as information about how to get your Certificate (in a digital form).
    All the best!

    See the Official Photos of Module 1 and 2 of ECRISLA- 2015

  • Module 1 completed successfully

    Publicado em 12/12/2015 às 06:18 AM

    Congratulations to all participants, you were key components in this achievement. See official photo here

  • Transportation UFSC – Retreat House – UF

    Publicado em 02/12/2015 às 02:52 AM

    Confirmada a Van para levar o participantes de ECRISLA 2015 da UFSC até a Casa de Retiros nos módulos 1 e 2 da ECRISLA 2015, à partir do dia 07 de dez
    Local de saída: estacionamento do BANCO DO BRASIL (R. Delfino Conti, 306 – Trindade)
    Horarios de saida 08h em ponto.
    (EMPRESA VANGUARDA, Sr. Weslei – motorista)

    FAVOR chegar uns minutos ANTES DAS 08:00 no local.

    Se quiser envie seu n.o de celular para entrar no grupo da ECRISLA2015 no whatsapp.

  • Schedule your arrival at the ECRISLA 2015 location

    Publicado em 23/11/2015 às 01:55 PM

    See at “Event Location” more information to get the Retreat House “Vila Fatima” departing from the Airport and the Florianópolis Bus station. Do not hesitate to send e-mail if they need more information.

  • End of Registrations for ECRISLA 2015. We are waiting for all 47 participants next December!

    Publicado em 09/11/2015 às 01:58 PM

    Thank all that did Registrations for ECRISLA 2015. The school had an amazing repercussion on scientific community. We are waiting for 47 participants from 5 Latin American countries (Brasil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia), about 35 in Module 1 and 31 in Module 2.

    This website will be update to include some tips about poster format, how to reach the site of the event “Casa de Retiros Vila Fátima”, fine adjusts in the programme, etc. But don’t hesitate to send a e-mail if you have further questions.

    See all you next December.
    ECRISLA 2015 team

  • Registration Open until 05 November

    Publicado em 17/08/2015 às 02:58 PM

    Please find the registration form in the left navigation bar. It is noteworthy that the entries are free and places are limited.

  • CAPES approves support for ECRISLA 2015!!!

    Publicado em 17/08/2015 às 02:53 PM

    ECRISLA was one of the six projects approved by CAPES in the program of Schools on Advanced Studies of 2015.

  • ICDD support for student and young scientist participation

    Publicado em 27/07/2015 às 03:13 PM

    we are pleased to inform you that the International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) has approved the amount of $1,000 to support student and young scientist participation in ECRISLA 2015.  Soon we hope to open registrations and include this opportunity of support to people that fit in the profile desired by ICDD.